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Master of juggling, Master of Ceremonies 

In a light, funny  but but always respective way I present your event.

With or without juggling...

Dutch, English,German or French




We received only positive reactions, your show and presentation was great! Cherry on the cake! Credits to you.

Groet, Voorzitter FC Aalsmeer


Football Juggler

The feedback was very positive; you were well prepared, knew exactly what we were doing. Thanks again! Mirka Straathof 

Haygroup Easteren European meeting 2015 , Budapest


Workshop jongleren:

Great to have you at our meeting! People loved the connexion with their business. They loved the humour! I enjoyed working with you! 2016 Ondernemers netwerk Gaasterland eo



During our benefit diner for our organization Ride4Kids we needed a presentor/performer. The agenda was clear as well was the goal of the night: raise as much money as possible together with the auctioneer. What a perfect combination!

At the beginning of the night you were asked to do the interviews and we knew it was going to be very emotional. Thank god you did the interview and not myself, I couldn't have done it. Great respect not only to the people interviewed but also to you. You did a great job and after the interview you started "your" part with a good sense of humor. The result was a beautiful evening, one with laugh and tears. Ment to be that way!!

For sure your contribution was indescribably. The results would not have been so succesfull without you being our MC of the night! Many thanks on behalf of all the parents and especially the kids involved.

Regards Ralph  Ratterman Ride 4Kids



Erik är inte bara en fantastisk jonglör utan en trevlig person med mycket humor och hans presentation och team building del av showen skapar enormt mycket skratt och en positiv stämning sprider sig i gruppen.

Jag har anlitat Erik fyra gånger i Sverige för olika typer av kundevent och alltid varit 100% nöjd och man får verkligen valuta för pengarna.          

Erik are not only a fantastic juggler he are a very nice person with a lot of humor and his presentation and team building part of the juggler show create a lot of laugh and positive spirit in the group. I have rent Erik four time to diffrent costumer event i Sweden and 100% satisfied every time and you defiantly got what you are paying for. Jan Boberg

Jan Boberg TVH Sweden 2015


Saint Gobain International , product launch Hamburg: (english)

Your performance at the SMM was great ! Especially as compared to mine which was quite poor regarding ball “finger-spinning”…

I think that you succeeded in warming up the audience, our customers were very happy with the event. (CEO Saint Gobain) 2014


Great asset to our event, thanks for your flexibility, you are a proffesional in every way. I was an amazing succes.

Alewijnse VIP customer event Hamburg: (english) 2014


Perfect, could not have been done better!

Autoscout 24: (Dutch)


Perfect, extraordanary, the audiance loved the way you were leading the evening, thanks!

Duvis 200 years: (Dutch)

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